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The people of Australia have already spoken the majority of voters are now rejecting both major political parties. Neither the leader of the Liberal party or Labor party was able to secure a

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I would like to salute each and every one in their respective capacities who endorsed my nominations and more importantly voting for me without discrimination ignoring those who have been promoting segregation, clever

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I came to this country as a political refugee sponsored by the Australian Government with the support of the Human Rights Watch and UNHCR seeking Protection and a better future. I am profoundly

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Mark (1) in the box besides my name MUBARAK KIM the rest follow your heart and judge them accordingly. I am number (1) on the small Green Ballot Paper House of Representative. Please number all

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I MUBARAK KIM solemnly affirm that will always recognise the Independent State of Ogaden.I will make sure that Ten thousand of Ogaden, Oromo-Borana’s and Somali’s attend Basic air force cadet training so that

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Some African and Muslim leaders in Western Australia are very disappointing. Good leaders must develop a sense of love, caring and unity. Never degrade and laugh at those who are in need crying

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SPECIAL CONDOLENCES TO THE BEREAVED FAMILY OF MUHAMMAD ALI. It is with great sadness that your family and the entire world lost a beloved friend and Champion of determination, love and unity. A

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I Kidima Mubarak Solemnly declare that Dr.Kiiza Basigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwaago Salongo both of them have my special blessings and support. Be reminded that the views you are about to explore