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June 21, 2016 Kim 0 Comments

I came to this country as a political refugee sponsored by the Australian Government with the support of the Human Rights Watch and UNHCR seeking Protection and a better future. I am profoundly honoured to such opportunity and to the extent to pursue my political dreams wanting to give back to the community. To serve the Australia people by addressing the challenges that we all face. To empower you so that together we eliminate a culture of discrimination and segregation created by the current bad leaders.so that together we reform the employment sector, Health and education. More can be explored from my website.

I will use my experience as a former refugee to make sure that we help the refugees in camps and those in illegal detention centres out of too much suffering and psychological torture.

I have suffered immensely as you all know in the hands of those who are supposed to be looking after me simply because they want to see me suffer. They don’t want to see me contribute towards this great nation of ours in the best interest of the community. These bad leaders have forgotten that politics is in my DNA and is my profession.

You have witnessed the way in which I am being discriminated against and segregated by our political leaders during elections preferencing me far behind sabotaging my efforts, rather than embracing me towards the path of success.

Listed below are preferences from Major political parties against me;

In March, 2013, I put my hand on a public office standing for the first time as an Independent Candidate for Balcatta State Election. The Liberal Party leader’s authorised preference No.7 against me and the Labor Party leader’s authorised preference No.5 against me.

In October, 2013 during the Federal elections for the Seat of Stirling, the liberal Party leader’s authorised preference No.7 against me, the labour party leader’s and the Green Party leader’s both authorised preference No.6 against me.

In April, 2014 during the Federal Senate elections, the Liberal party leader’s authorised preference No.76 out of 77 against me, Labor party leader’s authorised preference No.67 out of 77 against me and the Green party leader’s authorised preference No.37 out of 77 against me.

In June, 2016 this years elections for the seat of Stirling Federal elections, the Labor Party leader’s have authorised preference No.5 against me, the Green party leader’s have authorised No.4 and the liberal party leaders have authorised No.3 against me.Those are facts these politicians playing cheap politics at the expense of the community. Nevertheless, if elected with your authority, the Member for Stirling will be appointed as my adviser together with one staff from his office. I am doing this because I know very well that this country belong to all of us, together we will make this country a better place to live in.

You have clearly witnessed how determined these people are sabotaging my efforts rather than supporting me towards the path of success for the better future. You know very well that all of them refused to support my Business when struggling wanting to employ our people. I fail to understand whether these political leaders are well aware of the consequences  lying to the public. I wonder whether they really understands the meaning of fair go for all?. Whether they understand what they have been telling the public and the world about opportunity and job creation for all?. Do they really mean what they say?.

They are now promising heaven on earth. Announcing new policies at each and every campaign simply because they have come to realise that the community are now sick and tired of their lies. Scare campaign tactics simply because of wanting to win your votes. You hear them promising we will change this and that, we will give you more money, we will look after you.

My question is, where have they been all these years?. Why now?. Do you still want more sufferings after the elections?. Do you still want more of the same?. Do you still trust these political party leaders?.

Our country is in a very big mess because of bad leaders who lied about wars overseas. The architectural of “coup d’état” stabbing our leaders as Mr. Tony Abbott used to say, simply because they are greed of power. It’s now the Australian people who are paying the price for their actions. We must stand up strongly to “condemn and stop that from happening again.

That can be done by voting No.(1) besides “MUBARAK KIM” Independent Candidate no matter what political party you are supporting in the best interest of this great nation of ours. They have been in politics for so long, the sooner we vote them out the better. Nothing can be achieved from being selfish. We should never allow the comeback leading our country. I don’t belong to any political party but need your blessings so that I accomplish the legacy of our iconic Leaders like  the late Gough Whitlam, Mahatma Ghandi, Mohammad Ali and Nelson Mandela “May God rest their souls in peace”.

Australia is indeed a great country that all of us should feel free to enjoy the opportunities without discrimination or segregation. We are on a great land where everyone young and old, black, yellow and white can have a fair go. I always wonder why should the Green party claim to be the champion of asylum seekers and refugees at the same time discriminate me?. Why should they continue lying to the Australia people and the world at large?. I have a right to say that all of their actions against me is  clearly a breach of  duty of care and must be held accountable for their actions. As far as am concerned they don’t have my blessings and should be rejected at all level.

We should never allow rich people run our country because they represent the values of Corporate bodies not the common man.I ask for your strong support this time so that together we reform our political system in the best interest of our nation’s economy for the better future. So that we can make Australia even greater country for all. Allow me to continue with my agendas to fight for our rights and to protect the reputation of this great nation of ours.

To ensure that success and better future for the marginalised Australian communities, job creation, reform in the business sector, employment opportunities and to protect family values. I am committed to build sustainable business over the long term to protect and employ diversity. I will never give up pushing for things to materialize, whether they like it or not because I know from the bottom of my heart that working together with your strong support, we will be victorious. “Enough is enough”.

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