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February 14, 2016 Kim 0 Comments

I Kidima Mubarak Solemnly declare that Dr.Kiiza Basigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwaago Salongo both of them have my special blessings and support. Be reminded that the views you are about to explore in this article are my personal views and not necessarily reflect the Rwenzururu kingdom or Australian Government.

I have kept a low profile for so long about the Uganda Government and Politics. I cannot with stand any longer the continuation of humiliating our people particularly cultural leaders, Politician at the same time the rampant torture of innocent vulnerable Ugandans in the hands of the state, whereby the so-called United Nations, Security Council and African Union are just watching doing nothing. I am very aggrieved by the manner in which the traditional leader of Kooki was man handled, so to other many Ugandans in that environment.

The people of Uganda have suffered enough with injustice and poverty for so many years. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of who becomes a leader. They deserve to be left alone, free and a chance to determine the path of their own destiny. People are now living in fear, such culture must cease with immediate effect.

Thirty years of “NRM” leadership to-date, cultural leaders are still begging for a small share of royalties on their richest mother land. They have been denied a chance for so-long to develop the Kingdoms in the best interest of their subjects. The only people who are benefiting are foreigners against the indigenous people.

The people we embrace and treat them like Kings and Queens in our Countries are the very people who make us suffer. The psychological torture they have put me through in Western Australia to a certain extent of denying me a better treatment and financial support illustrates very clearly my point. They have been blocking all of my efforts when working very hard trying to lobby support of the Rwenzururu kingdom and those who are in need.

They also used their machinery influence in Dubai blocking me  not to meet with the Al Maktoum family by the time I was lobbing for job opportunities and trade wanting to help our people and those who are in need. They have been fighting me simply because I am a strong human rights advocate of the Indigenous people and the minority for a “fair Go for all” in Australia. They hate my strong and honest political independent views. They have been using clever racism and fake smile in Africa pretending to be good people to us, “which is not”.

When President Museveni made himself a President for life, that action has discredited him nationally and internationally to a certain extent of dividing his own party. As a consequences of unpalatable political actions, more people in Uganda, even inside the “NRM” and abroad are beginning to re-evaluate Obote and Amin’s role country’s history.

Authoritarian leaders must accept the reality and give peace a chance in the best interest of the people of Uganda and Africa at large.

My appeal to all of you is that, Please wake up with full of determination to reclaim a brand new Uganda and a better future. “Say a big No to economic enslavement”. Stand for the ownership of your mother land, Natural resources, Economic freedom, equality and generosity to your children and Grandchildren. The best way to achieve all of the above is to vote wisely for real change.

Stand for your rights and freedom with full of determination for the better future and happiness. Be vigilantes and protect your mother land commonly known as pearl of Africa. Never allow foreigner machineries to shade blood of our people in Uganda. Those who supports and want to see the killings of our people in Uganda must be boycotted and all of their businesses, products and Aid. Never allow to be taken for granted or intimidated on your mother land. Never lose hope and never give up for your country.

Never allow the European Union Observers in Uganda’s election because they are useless simply abusing tax payer’s money for No reason. Past elections in Africa illustrates very clearly about my point.

I will be coming back after elections to offer my contribution towards a brand new Uganda. I will be meeting Dr.Kiiza Besigye, Erias Lukwaago, President John Magufuli of Tanzania, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe helping how to create millions of Jobs to the people of Uganda and Africa at large, above all the fight against the chronic disease of corruption. I will also appeal to a new leader to embrace the Chinese and Russian to invest heavily in the best interest of Uganda’s economy.

I will also suggest that Dr.Besigye should re-appoint new staff in the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Immigration, Mineral resources, Land and Trade. I would like to help them compensate the kingdoms towards the lost royalties. I would also like to convince them to set up a peaceful structure how we can Unite the Somali people,Burundians,Kenyans,Congolese and South Sudan so that they live in peace and harmony like the way they used to be without killing each other.

There is an urgent need of supporting the Boranas Oromo and Ogaden who have suffered tremendously in the hands of Colonial agents. Boranas in Ethiopia have a population of 40 million or almost 99%.The Ogaden have a population of 90% in Ethiopia. They are peace-loving people who have been demanding for so long  the independent state to run their own Government with the hope that they live in peace and happiness. Unfortunately, up to now nothing have been achieved. These people needs help and, I will never give up until their dreams becomes a reality in the best interest of the children and Grandchildren.

The colonial cheap politics of divide and rule must be rejected at all levels. The raison deter of colonial influence, political, diplomatic, military is now redefined in terms of the contest with terrorism. Which I personally consider as a conflict of civilisations. The implication of this are as major as the reconfigurations of world politics around the two world wars and the cold war of the 20th century.

The reason why the west is dying is that people who carry the colonial tradition in their hearts and souls are simply dying off, and new immigrants, especially Muslims are no longer adopting the western values because of what they are doing to their people and their buildings. As a matter of fact the west will find itself occupied by cultures that are at logger heads with colonial culture.

Given the trends in the diffusion of both advanced technology and the mounting alienation of both the poor and the rich around the world, and given the nature of suicidal terrorists who cannot be deterred, as of now, no member state is absolutely secure in its sovereign identity and boundaries. Instead each one is challenged constantly by other cultural, economic and political units. It is no exaggeration to declare that, the colonial members are uniting for their very survival in the fight against the so-called terrorism.

God designed human beings to have different colours, languages, and even religions in order to get to know each other as distinct communities and as signs of God. Nobody has a right to kill and bomb innocent civilians, animals, buildings, particularly the elderly, women and children. It is a shame that, Europe is closing up the boarders because of refugees. Please never allow such situation to happen in Uganda. Never allow foreigner machineries to emporse on you corrupt leaders. Your vote should be a referendum against dictators, poverty, depression and humiliation. Develop a sense of patriotism, resistance and action. Peace and reconciliation that is the only way of a better life and staying in this world peacefully.

The EU is facing collapse because of immigrants and economic loss a situation caused by themselves based on a lie. United States of America is to spend $US 789 million in 2016 to $US 3.4 billion in 2017, and also prepared to spend $US 1 trillion on nuclear weapons. World war 111 is on the door facing a much more dangerous situation of new cold war. You must all stand up to reject and stop this nonsense and madness.

May God bless and protect our planet from evil.

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