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June 13, 2016 Kim 0 Comments

I MUBARAK KIM solemnly affirm that will always recognise the Independent State of Ogaden.I will make sure that Ten thousand of Ogaden, Oromo-Borana’s and Somali’s attend Basic air force cadet training so that they become an effective Member of the air force in the best interest of their new Country and the long lasting peace in the entire region.

Rest assured that will never give up until your dreams become a reality in the best interest of your children and grandchildren. God designed human beings to have different colours, languages and even the way of thinking in order to get to know each other as distinct communities and as a signs of God.

Nobody has a right to kill and bomb innocent civilians, animals, buildings, particularly the elderly, women and children. We must focus on dialogue, peace and reconciliation that is the only way of a better life and staying in this world peacefully. The Ogaden community have suffered tremendously in the hands of colonial agents. You must all stand up to reject and stop this nonsense and madness of those who kill your people.

You have been generous enough inviting Political leaders, sometimes you sing and dance for them.Unfortunatly, what you get in return is empty speeches simply because they want to win your votes.Dont worry, if elected I am gonna do everything in my power to make you happy. To use my former refugee back ground and as African born so that you have your Independent State.

That can only be achieved if you all rally behind me and vote for victory as your Independent Member of Parliament for Stirling. My names are on the green ballot paper am the lucky first person on the ballot paper, Mark No.1 MUBARAK KIM, you must number all the boxes for your vote to count. Remember that, (ALMUSLIM AKHUL-MUSLIM).RAMADHAN MUBARAK.

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