As explained before about creating Jobs, after winning elections, I will be employing staff in my office who will be helping me to serve your interests. I will be Employing professionals to help me curb corruption globally. I will be opening up a Multi-million Project of Matooke to employ thousands of Australians, in addition more than twenty restaurants in the best interest of our nation’s economy the same time saving people’s lives.

I will push hard working with both governments and the city of Stirling to make sure that more buses are provided. Every route should be operating until 1:00PM and buses should be operating every Ten minutes. I will push hard to make sure that every bus stop is built in a modern environment of the 21st Century with shelters and a place to sit so that our community, particularly the sick and elderly are being looked after for the better health. Time tables and phone calls should be provided. It is common sense to protect our people from rain and sun which I consider to be hazardous. This plan is also part of creating more jobs to our people.

I once wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and Parliament advising them that the more we unite this nation one day, will eventually become world super power. Our leaders are still stuck in the past begging for investors from overseas. I will reform to abandon that culture. We are here and capable to invest in our country as long as our leaders leave as alone to determine our independent destiny to promote the economy of this great nation of ours. Money should be provided to those who have good ideas of creating jobs for the community. I have never received any phone call or email from these political parties in regards to my projects as out lined before. We have leaders who are short of ideas how to create jobs to our people.

I ask those who voted for me in Balcatta, Stirling, Western Australia senate and those who endorsed for my nomination, at least each person should convince ten people. please lets work hard this is the time for our moment and celebration. It is now time to achieve what we deserve. Let us work together as one family to show the world that with people’s power everything is possible. I will then honor your decision and label my car number plate CP OO1, meaning “Community power 001”.

I want to assure all females that my door will always be open for you in return to what you have been doing fighting for my survival. There is no secret you deserve to be recognized.

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It is my pleasure to continue advocating for a reform agenda which encourages and respects the rights of other communities in their respective cultures, engaging and bringing them on board to achieve the true objectives as an Australian.

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