Community & Parliament

I will set up a voluntary community parliament to ease the community debate issues that matter within their best interests. My job will be to represent what the community had agreed upon.

I will never dictate to their wishes. I am a man of my word whom you can trust to bring a smile on your face because we are in this together struggling for parental help. I believe that you will agree with me that I am the only candidate with experience and who can be trusted because we are in the same shoes.

We catch the train and bus together, struggling with ridiculous bills together. Those who belong to political parties, enjoying your tax don’t understand that you have been generous enough giving them so many opportunities, that  has been spoiled. . They have been ‘promising heaven and earth’ with full of empty promises just to win your votes. Please, I beg you, don’t spoil your vote. I strongly believe that you are smart enough to determine your destiny. You don’t need a lecture from political parties, so rally behind me at this time and vote wisely without fear of any intimidations for real change. I have made it clear that I won’t preference any political party because they are all the same. Please push me hard to parliament, and rest assured that you will always be proud of me.

Remember that on the 2 July, 2016  is the only day to exercise your power and having a say after all years of neglect. Please Vote for me, I am  the lucky First person on the ballot paper which  makes the job easier for you.

Kindly, mark (1)   MUBARAK KIM (Independent) the rest follow your heart and judge them accordingly. You must number all the boxes for your vote to count and make sure that we win. Write a history which will be told in the near future. I will never take your votes for granted. Trust me, I will put parliament in order, enforced with more discipline because I believe that our parliamentarian should develop a sense of behaving gentle in the House. It will be very interesting to watch if given a chance to represent your best interest.

You should all be proud of me because am the only candidate with fresh ideas. A candidate of clear jobs and in fact they have been stealing my ideas wanting to win your support. If you ask the political parties to tell you the two million jobs, I guarantee you, they don’t have them. The only jobs these people have is stopping the boats, torturing innocent asylum seekers, and possibly the mining jobs. There is no way creating two million jobs from the mining. It won’t happen and that is a lie. The country is in a big mess because of the current bad politicians.

They don’t mean what they say, it is evident what I have been going through caused by these political parties. I treat Honourable Tony like my brother, but see how the liberals and other parties have been mistreating me to a certain extent of referencing me far behind without mercy simply because I am smart and brave. They have been fighting me on your watch rather than helping me for a fair go. None of them have ever donated a penny supporting my cause for a better future. I have a right to say that they have failed their duty of care and should not be allowed to govern. Please try something new and that is to give me a chance to represent you. I will act as your Inspector who will be reporting direct to you. The attitude of dictating to your rights must cease with immediate effect

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It is my pleasure to continue advocating for a reform agenda which encourages and respects the rights of other communities in their respective cultures, engaging and bringing them on board to achieve the true objectives as an Australian.

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