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July 6, 2016 Kim 0 Comments

The people of Australia have already spoken the majority of voters are now rejecting both major political parties. Neither the leader of the Liberal party or Labor party was able to secure a majority of lower House seats. To form a Government requires 76 seats out of 150 in the House of Representatives. Both political leaders as Public servants made a fraudulent misrepresentation which amounts to a crime. More than few people were misled to a certain extent of frightening vulnerable Australians that they should not vote for the Independents that Medicare is to be privatised an extrodinaly act of dishonesty.

Undue influences by both leaders obstructing voter’s freedom to vote and scare campaign that people should not vote for us. We respect them as leaders of the community, unfortunately they have been promoting discrimination hijacking the media without condemning those concerned of not giving us coverage. We all belong in this nation our supporters deserve the right to know more about our policies. They have spent the entire campaign attacking themselves with one policy.

We need leaders who have the fill for the community but not themselves. They have been in politics for so long don’t expect much. They all have a record of back stabbing their political leaders. We need more civilised politics in this country. The same leaders have been in public since elections claiming victory even though knowing that the counting of the votes is not done yet.

I have been warning you each and every elections that don’t trust these people will never change.it is in record that each and every elections these leaders have been pleading to the public that we have learnt a lesson, trust us we gonna listen this time, after election all what they said remains a history until to another elections. You should blame your selves keep voting for them such act which put other people’s lives in danger. We must accept that the community must have a say and know that power belongs to the public.

Party rules provide for the possibility of a leadership spill, both of them must face the leadership ballot in the best interest of this country. Negotiating for a hung parliament, Minority government is unconstitutional. Australian people only voted for Members of parliament representing their respectable constituencies but not to negotiate deals of forming a minority Government. As a matter of protocols Member’s of Parliament don’t have legal mandate of negotiating to form a Minority Government.

Elected Members of parliament must do the right thing to respect the current constitution of Australia. None of these members have a legal mandate to abuse our constitution, that’s not what they were elected for. I remind my learned fellows that the concept of group voting and negotiating deals to form a government is a fraud. This is in direct contravention of the Australian constitution. Elections are about voting a person to the parliament representing a constituency not a group.

The position of “Prime Minister” is not described in the Australian constitution neither is the “Political party” nor the word cabinet and minority Government. We have never elected a Prime Minister in this country, we only elect Members of parliament and senators. Those who have been forming minority Governments and negotiating deals to form a minority government without the consent of the Australian people, are in breach of our constitution with subservience and ignorance.

Keep calling the Leader of Liberal party at this particular point a Prime Minister is illegal. He is a candidate not a Prime Minister as far as common sense is concerned. Australian people rejected their own party leaders, it will be very disrespectful to form a minority Government against their wish.

Therefore, in my capacity as Independent representative of the Minority hereby condemn the formation of the Minority Government. I recommend that the will of the Australian people must be respected and that is to go back to elections. The government to fall is a key accountability mechanism to our system.

Our country is in a very big mess the Governor -General must take charge as care taker using section 61,63,64,67 and 70 of our constitution to bring stability and accountable Government in the best interest of the Australian people. The Governor –General should ask the leaders of major parties no matter how hard it may be to respect people’s authority and resign immediately, so that parties can chose new leaders then we go back to elections without delay.

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