Debt & Waste

I ask the people of Western Australia not be fooled by the slogan of debt and waste. All political parties apart from the new ones, are responsible and should be held accountable. They must stop cheap politics and concentrate on telling the truth.

We are in too much debt simply because of funding unnecessary wars in the Middle East created by America, British and Israel. I ask them to reveal to the public how much money have been spent on unwinnable wars. We are still struggling to fix our nation’s debt, they are now giving our money to England instead of supporting our people who want to open up Small businesses. Why should Australians have to die paying foreign war debts? Those who are hungry of wars should do so from their own pockets and leave alone tax payers money. We must pave ways of peace and stop killing innocent people. I will never support any war without the community consent through referendum.

I strongly believe that our troops must be back home immediately, they should not be dying in uncivilized wars overseas.Mates,I want you back home, physically fit, sound and kicking so that we concentrate on our nation’s problems and more importantly to bring our economy to surplus. That is all about common sense.

During my last campaigns, I warned that never trust political parties because they are all the same. They have been telling you the same slogan that give us another chance you will be having a better government.Then,after swearing in, everything went up,people are losing jobs every day, are you really enjoying a better government? Do you still trust these people? It has now been years that the liberals haven’t revealed where billions of tax payers money went as a “black hole” or budget shortage “wherever”. Do these people really deserve another chance? You all know that so many Australians are in prison and some of them are homeless simply because they are a few dollars short. Why someone should lose billions of taxpayers’ money and then be left scort free? Where is Justice?

They haven’t even explained to the public how much money was collected from the mining boom and what did that money do? We deserve public answers and they have to do the honourable thing and respect the law created by themselves. I strongly believe that miners should be paying taxes wherever they are because all the mineral belongs to the community. I am not a fan of carbon tax, nevertheless, it should not be used as a political football that is the reason why our economy is down. The economy is down due to  lack of respect towards our Chinese investors. They run away simply because of being bullied and provoked by the American military exercise in the jurisdiction of their business operations. We lead by example, trust me, our political parties will never change until we deliver our strong verdict for change come 2 July, 2016. Please do not repeat the same mistakes and sufferings. Vote wisely this time for change because we can’t afford any more cheap politics. Kindly, vote for me so that I push hard the change in our political system for term limit. I want to pave ways of opening doors to our young people into leadership because they have so much potential to offer.

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It is my pleasure to continue advocating for a reform agenda which encourages and respects the rights of other communities in their respective cultures, engaging and bringing them on board to achieve the true objectives as an Australian.

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