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July 6, 2016 Kim 0 Comments

I would like to salute each and every one in their respective capacities who endorsed my nominations and more importantly voting for me without discrimination ignoring those who have been promoting segregation, clever racial discrimination and sabotage. That is the reason why am so mad about you, I will always do everything in my power, no matter what consequences am going through fighting for the justice of your cause.

Also take this solemn opportunity to convey my special Eid Mubarak greetings to the Muslim Community. To my brothers and Sisters in Australia and around the World, I salute you all for what you have done sharing your joy and happiness with our mates none Muslims. I wish you peace, love and blessings. Nevertheless, we should not forget to support abundantly the sick, poor and particularly those who are dying in uncivilised wars. Those people needs our strong prayers. Selfish and abuse of power will never achieve anything. “I hate wars”.

It’s still a puzzle to me from all these years to date, Muslims don’t have a public Holiday. Rest assured that I will never give up fighting for the justice of your cause.

To make sure that our Indigenous people are recognised with immediate effect without wasting tax payer’s money towards referendum, which can be of a better use to build more Hospitals in the Northern Territory. It is uncivilised some politicians keep recognising them during speeches but refuse to recognise the Indigenous in our constitution.Infact nobody has a right detaining people  you don’t recognise. It’s illegal detaining the indigenous people in Australian Prisons if you truly don’t recognise them in your Constitution.

To ensure that Independent State of Ogaden and Palestine are recognised in the best interest of long lasting peace in the region. To promote a culture of common sense, Unity and to empower the community so that they have a say in their own affairs. Determine for their own destiny not to be dictated by political parties.

To make sure that every pensioner on Centrelink is paid $1000 fortnightly that includes the elderly, Retirees, Disabled, Students, Sick people and the rest for the better future. To make sure that our Veterans are being paid $2000 monthly in addition with what they are currently entitled to ease them die in dignity. To ensure change of Constitution, Bill of rights, Job creation, Australian Republic, Teachers pay rise, Nurses, more money to hospitals, Housing, Nursing Homes, Aged care, Women’s Rights, Baby bonus, Environment, Refugees and family values.

To make sure that we have a genuine electoral reforms and to abolish preferences system and make it simpler so that voters can vote for one person one vote. To abolish Super Tax and hold the Government accountable to review spending on Defence and members of parliament retirement entitlement. Above all supporting small business and to fund those who have ideas of creating jobs in the best interest of our nation’s economy. Rest assured that I will never give up pushing for things to materialise.

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