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April 3, 2014 Kim 0 Comments

Our major political parties have become slaves of global corporate elite that includes the military industrial complex (MIC) that is waging wars and planning wars across the planet. We need to control the orgy of military spending and culture of fear of the other. The fortress of militarisation of the planet will not end unless we the people take control of our lives and the parliamentary process.

Illegal wars on the developing and poor defenceless nations are a mockery to our human civilisation. Waging wars and pillage in the name of false freedoms and liberties is an act of cowardice because Australia was never militarily threatened Since  1945  the end of Second World War in the Pacific . Making peace and building the human civilisation is much honourable than killing innocent people across the planet. It is the corporate military elite who plan for wars and undermine good will amongst nation state. Wars and military spending only serve the interests of the powerful and elitist who mock the common Australian.

It should never be the intent and purpose of any political parties of whatever persuasion and ideology to promote any forms of racial discrimination, politics of hate or marginalisation of any section of our Australian community based on its narrow ideological populist grounds.

Our Australian political parties are on a selfish path of destroying the good will of the people by manipulating voting preferences and the faceless men who undermine the democratic system. Major parties in Western Australia have been fighting me rather than supporting my cause of creating more jobs and economic equality for West Australians.

Abolishment of preference voting system is fundamental. This is the only way Australians can restore their hope in the political process. One man /woman,  vote is the best way forward. Please don’t get tired if you want to change the system for the better, you have to number all the boxes below the line for real change. “Enough is enough”. It is also clearly evident that major political parties fear a true independent candidate.

Mubarak Kim Independent Senate Candidate WA
Mubarak Kim
Independent Senate Candidate WA

Listed Below Are Preferences from Major Political Parties Against Me


1.         The Nationals                       77

2.         Liberal Party                        76

3.         Australian Labor Party        69

4.         Palmer United                       55

5.         Family First                           37

6.        The Greens Party                  37

7.         Katters Australia Party        33

It was in Western Australia on late night television news the leader of Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer shook his backside in a comical way, people thought he is a real deal and will create jobs with his jingoism and personality cult status. Last election he pledged to the Australian people on national TV that he will not preference anyone because they are all the same BUT whole behold he ended up celebrating after the federal elections that he help make Tony Abbot the Prime Minister through preference deals. Clive Palmer sacked his own employees after election. There is lot of deceit and lies coming out from major political parties making deals with far –right and loony left and there is no pragmatic moderation in these political parties.

Clive Palmer is spending a lot of money in this campaign whereby he refused to support me starting a business that could have employed our people in Hospitality, Truck drivers, Super Market attendants and Managerial posts.

He has never supported the homeless, how can you trust a person who is just spending huge amount of money simply because he wants to get rid of carbon tax. Iam not a fan of carbon tax but it does not mean that you have to spend money  getting rid of carbon tax. Please my fellow citizens think twice.

Clearly these political parties have given birth to micros! The micro parties are a direct result of the moral bankruptcy of ideas coming from political parties. Please do consider the value of your vote.

The orgy of foreigners buying Australian residential properties and land is a scandal. The Foreign Investment Review Board is a toothless tiger and has not seriously looked into the matter of non Australians buying large pieces of land and properties across Australia. Land belongs to Australian people not foreigners. If elected by the will of my fellow Australians and the Will of God I will ensure that a Parliamentary commission of Inquiry into Foreign ownership of Australian land is set up.  I will publicize all the facts to the Australian people and let them decide in a referendum whether they wish foreigners to buy Australian land. The major political parties have a culture of control, secrecy, dictatorship and misogyny. They don’t accept nor do they understand the real meaning of fair dinkum and opportunities for all. The major parties are an exclusive club of the power elite and represent segregation and divide and rule.

I want the Australian people to see me beyond my race and creed. They should see and judge me by my conduct and deeds because I want to challenge with their help recreate a system of voting that is fair for all. If elected I will make sure  that our indigenous Australians are automatically recognised in the Australian Constitution because it is the right thing to do if we truly believe in justice and humanity.

Please try to stop these corrupt and dishonest politicians and power hungry political parties from usurping democratic power away and rule of law from the electors. Rally behind a true independent who is supported by no power accept God and the will of the good people like you.  Vote wisely my fellow Australians, be prepared to punish those you disagree with, if you want real change and to keep the federal government accountable vote for me. You will not be disappointed because we share the same pain of social marginalisation and exclusion. I represent hope and vision for all Australians irrespective of our social status and cultural or racial backgrounds. We are after all one people of the Australian civilisation.

History will remember me that once upon a time in the year 2014, Mubarak Kim from Western Australia stood for all Australians challenging the power hungry political elites to ensure that our democracy is safe for the future generations.








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