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March 15, 2014 Kim 0 Comments

 I will never stand idle by when our people are losing jobs everyday in Australia.Leaders who don’t  save and create jobs for the community in Western Australia and the nation at large don’t deserve to be in that position. I pray that this  election should be a referendum on big political parties because they have all  failed their duty of care, don’t waste your votes.Give me the opportunity to create new jobs and to  ease  employ our mates  in Hospitality, Supermarket attendants, Truck drivers  Managerial posts and more importantly saving lives from diabetes  with immediate effect after elections.

Kim Mubarak Independent Senate
Kim Mubarak
Federal Senate

You all know that I am a man of my word with fresh ideas, capable and the only person who will make you happy because we share the same pain.Working together as one family every thing is possible.”Don’t mess up this time”. I will never allow any fellow Australian to experience what am going through. Never allow big political parties to lecture or dictate how you should cast your vote. A culture of do as you are told is over. We are a generation of the 21st Century committed to promote real Justice for all. You and I knows very well that you are very smart and mature enough to determine your destiny.

Please vote wisely for real change in the  best interest of our nations economy and  for the better future. Since our troops are back home, we should be in a position  of surplus with enough money to ease support those who wants to start small business. Note that Iam the last lucky person on the ballot paper which makes your job easier without wasting time searching for my names from the groups to vote.

Please mark 1 in the box beside my name ” MUBARAK KIM” Independent as your first choice the rest follow your heart and judge them accordingly. Reward them the same numbers they have referenced me in return. You must number every group box for your vote to count. I suggest that, better take your pen with you to ease protect our votes instead of using pencil. Enough is enough.




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