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August 4, 2014 Kim 0 Comments

I have been grieving in the whole month of Ramadan and will continue the same on Eid Day to honour our brothers and sisters brutality. How could someone consider this Eid celebration?. To those who envy other peoples success grow up, you cannot continue fighting, holding people’s lives hostage simply because you are selfish. Nobody has the right to make other people suffer. God will never accept that without consequences. Every human being deserve to be treated equal or equally with dignity and respect.
Some losers are now fighting my website I fail to understand what they want to achieve from eliminating the site.I have been saying this and will continue it again, nothing can be achieved from being selfish. No matter how we look like or we come from, it’s our rights as human beings to reach our dreams and more importantly determine for our destiny.

We all know that the United Nations and the International community operates in a bias manner like political associations, neither with love towards human beings nor they practice what they preach. President Barack Obama should be ashamed of himself. He has failed his duty of care to unite the world. He will be remembered as a man who have been playing cheap politics on the expense of innocent people. He should never again call himself African because enough damage has been done towards the African community.

I argue the Arab leaders in your respective capacities to stop your Achilles heel to the world because,I strongly believe that you are more than you think. The brutality we have experienced against the Palestinians people should never have happened on your watch.

I pray that stand united to stop the atrocity act in the best interest of the community “once and for all”. The Palestinian people deserve the right to enjoy the fruits of peace on their land. The blockade against the Palestinian people must cease. Nothing will never be achieved from killing innocent women and children.


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