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August 4, 2014 Kim 0 Comments
I salute those countries which has withdrawn its Embassies from Israeli.You have demonstrated to the world that you are the true loving parents who cares about humanity and the champion of justice and peace, a big blow to the Arab countries. From the bottom of my heart.I thank you abundantly.
The situation of Gaza and Palestinian in general needs urgent “unconditional” consideration towards the path of peace, not the bias cheap political games we hear from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary General Ban Ki- Moon that “we are talking” blindfolding the public. These are the same people publicly support Israeli at the same time fooling the world that they are talking, without forcing Israeli to withdraw in the best interest of cease fire.
The Palestinian people need to be treated with decency as human beings.I demand that executive order must be issued to stop Israeli’s from slaughtering the people of Gaza and Palestinian in general. Immediate withdraw from occupied land of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian people must be lift out of the barricade to ease a chance get out of fire, trauma and harm. Immediate International Protection for the Palestinian people and War peace keepers must be deployed from Qatar, Turkey and Iran to enforce the peace process. The people of Palestine have been collectively punished, all borders closed which amounts to international war crime.
The United Nations and the International community have failed their duty of care removing innocent civilians from war zone, therefore, they have committed a war crime and those responsible should be held to account  according to the International Law.
The genocide committed against Palestinian people reminds me the way how our brothers and sisters were massacred in Rwanda, Bosnia and South Africa on the watch of the United Nations with the support of the United States of America and Britain, the same major sponsors of the Israeli’s so that they can effectively slaughter the Palestinian people. These innocent people who have been already killed in a mass murder are not terrorist “for God’s sake”. This war has been an advantage to expose the propaganda from the west about the definition of terrorism and the true colour of the so-called peace makers. It is a shame that even Australian Government did not come out strongly to condemn Israeli’s occupation and genocide against innocent Palestinian civilians particularly the elderly, women and children.
I have witnessed some journalist on the Televisions with a smile when reporting the massacre of the Palestinian innocent people.I demand that such people should be dealt with and their employers should investigate and take action with immediate effect.As people of the new generation, and people of the 21st century,we don’t need such behaviors on the International Televisions.
Some uncivilized people need to understand that Hamas was democratically elected with 80% of the votes from the Palestinian people.It is selfish attitude to keep calling elected governments terrorist. Britain has been massively supplying military equipment’s to Israeli in conjunction with the United States of America funding Iron Dome and other dangerous military equipment’s just simply to support the massacre of the Palestine people. International Law is very clear that Palestinian people who legally elected their government are entitled to their territory, to exercise self-determination and to their own state. That means a right to protect the Muslims of Palestine and defend their state from aggression and occupation vis-a-vis the right to have caves or tunnels in their jurisdiction, because that is their way of life. The right to practice their culture and tradition. That is the fact.
Israeli and its sponsors the British and United states of America has repeatedly committed a grave breaches of the Geneva conventions, and failing to observe the minimum standard of humanity. They have committed genocide, crime against humanity, war crimes, and a crime of aggression according to the International law. There is no need to set up investigations in the Gaza genocide. The massacres we have all witnessed on televisions is enough evidence to hold those responsible to account. No military advantage can ever justify the mass murder of innocent elderly, women and children and those responsible will never go scot- free from such act of terror.
Mahmoud Abbas should stand firm and put his puppetism a side pursue the case to the International Criminal Courts against Israeli’s and its sponsors with immediate effect in the best interest of the Palestinian community for the justice of their cause. John Kerry and Ban ki moon knows very well what they are doing, “just playing games in the names of talking”. Nothing will ever be achieved from their cheap politics and Mahmoud Abbas should be mature enough to prove my claim.
History teaches us that Britain and the United States of America will never bring peace to any country, Iraq, Libya, Somali, Syria and Gaza illustrates very clearly about my point.Therefore,I demand that the President of the united States Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and UN Secretary General Ban ki – Moon should honourably resign in the best interest of peace.
As far as am concerned,I will never allow our ancestors history to be part of Barack Obama’s criminal acts. That is the reason why I condemn his criminal acts with contempt. Africans are born caring, peaceful people with full of hospitality.I refuse to be part of Obama’s bad history and towards a crime against humanity.Britain,United States of America and Israeli should be held accountable to pay compensation to the victims of war and to their properties.


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