Eid Mubarak

August 13, 2013 Kim 0 Comments

I sincerely congratulate all of my brothers and sisters in your respective capacity, Eid Mubarak.
I wish all of you and the entire community that, May the blessings of our creator, the most merciful light up your way and lead to all of you eternal happiness,joy,success and peace.

I wish all of you that may this blessed day of Eid- ul- Fitr bring you many happy moments to cherish forever.May this day truly be a time of enjoying “Yummy” Food.Please do not forget to invite our fellow mates none Muslims to share laughter with us,becouse to me unity is strength.

Despite to the fact that you are having fun,Please do not forget to remember our brothers and sisters who are sick,ill and those who don’t have food to feed themselves and their families.We should all share a common bond of love and be the first giver to those who are in need.The more you give the more you get.May Jallah Jalaluh grant you good health wa Jannatul Firdaus “Insha Allah”.EID MUBARAK.

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