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November 19, 2016 Kim Comments Off

I re-affirm my pledge to the Almighty God and the people of Western Australia that, I am to contest as an Independent candidate for the seat of Mirrabooka State elections next year. Those who are planning to humiliate, and harm me clandestinely, should rest be assured that, your racism,jealousness,and selfish will never deter me from fighting for the community until my last breathe,particularly,those who are doing it tough with the utility bills, sickness, disability, elderly and unemployment in Western Australia.

It is very sad that in my former country Uganda where I was born some of our families have sacrificed a lot helping people from being harmed, giving them every opportunity and happiness they deserve and above all treating them like king’s and Queen’s. After the doors of opportunity was open, some of them took it as an advantage grabbing the land from the indigenous people.

The most beneficiary in Uganda are Burundian, Rwandese, South African, Indian, Ethiopian, Somalis, Ogaden, Congolese, Chinese, Sudanese from the North and South Sudan be it Nuer or Dinka tribe to name a few. The Ugandan community have also sacrificed to protect the Iraqi’s from being harmed so that they can live in peace after their relatives had abandoned them because of foreign invasion and run away to Western Countries seeking for opportunities. During the process of maintaining peace and security one of my Grandfather lost his life “May God rest his soul in eternal peace”.

Nevertheless, whenever I see some people of the communities as mentioned above laughing at me when struggling fighting for my life and of the indigenous people, stopping some South African clever racist and in a manner the way how they are mistreating me, making my life miserable, “it really breaks my heart”. Forgetting that, even the little opportunities they have here in Western Australia is simply because of my hard work challenging bad politician and bad governance in the best interest of the community.

As far as the situation is concerned, I hereby submit my grievances to our creator the almighty God to deal with my enemies and to those who do us harm. I ask my supporters and my beloved family to be very alert, if anything happens to me before elections stand up very strongly for urgent action in the best interest of our nation’s reputation.

We must stand united and condemn the old colonial establishment of our political system. Never give up supporting me to clean things up in the best interest of the community and our nation’s economy. We should never tolerate bullies, liars, and racism occupied by the public system particularly the judiciary, Banks, Centrelink, Disability section, Health Department, Ministry of Small Business and Employment sector.

The dictators and puppets of colonial masters have been creating false stories and tactics of fear against me simply because they want to fail my achievements and determination towards reform. They whinge all the time that am very brave, smart and have strong views forgetting that the character of a brave good leader and ability of an individual is good enough to bring real change to our state and the nation at large “better than these bad political parties”.

The South African culture of superiority or “supremacy” and controlling people’s lives must be condemned at all level. It is really very sad that they did not learn a good lesson from the World icon the “late Nelson Madiba Mandela”. Nevertheless, we should embrace the few good ones those who wishes us well and success. We must stand up strongly and condemn racism, bully, discrimination and segregation at all level in this state of Western Australia and the Nation at large.

I have been warning you several times about these political parties and bad leaders who only care about themselves, agents, their families and corporate bodies. What they know best is taking away your money in allowances and huge expenses to enrich themselves, in-laws, and nieces but not the poor nor have the ideas of creating jobs and financial support for small business.

I hope that this time you will come to your senses and lend me your ears to support my manifesto of “common sense” so that we take the power from the powerful and give it back to the community have a say in their own affairs, determine for their own destiny, not to be dictated by old bad political parties. Never allow yourself to be taken for granted.

It is now time for new revolution to reclaim our fundamental human rights. Those who have stayed in politics for so-long must go, and those with other commitments should be contented with what they have and leave the door of opportunity to those who don’t have any, if they truly mean what they say creating jobs for all and generous prosperity.

We must respect our traditional culture of a fair go for all. May the Almighty God bless you all.