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February 13, 2018 Kim Comments Off

On the 6th April 2015, I was appointed as a Special Envoy In-charge of External Co-ordination and mobilisation to represent Rwenzururu Kingdom in Africa. A copy of my appointment was handed in by myself and received by officers at the office of Australia Foreign Affairs in Western Australia on the 23 May, 2015.I have been involved with community groups as an elder especially working very hard to unite the African community in Western Australia in my capacity as a special Envoy. It is regrettable that Australian Government to date has not facilitated my office nor provide security as they normally do to other Kingdom representatives or Monarchy, despite the fact recognising me through letters of correspondences could have sufficed on my claim as far as my appointment is concerned.
I am very disappointed, feel humiliated, Embarrassed and discriminated against by the Australian Government’s both State and Federal.” If they can do that to your representative, why should you give them a red carpet?”.
Part of my assignment as a Special Envoy is to co-ordinate through many forms and more importantly to reflect ideas of efficient interaction between multiple parties work together to achieve a common goal in the best interest of the people of Uganda and Australia. As a diplomat formally representing the Kingdom Constitutionally recognised by the Uganda government and the international community, it is my duty to negotiate in order to keep peace,unity,developments and establish good relationships with the government’s and the kingdom based on mutual respect and her culture.
Despite Australian government’s bully by ignoring to support and facilitate my office, that did not deter me from sending letters of request lobbying for my projects to the Australian government and other foreign countries in my capacity as a special Envoy seeking assistance for the betterment of Kasese and Uganda government.
In 2015, had sent letters of request from the Australian government,Qatar,UAE and Russia to help the people of Rwenzururu kingdom with Tractors for farming, build a cargo airport ,Re-construct L.Katwe salt project,Kilembe mines,Nyamwamba bridge, Expand of power dams and Hundreds of computers, Soccer balls, sport equipments,Solar energy and Water Management.
More importantly, seeking help in Agriculture, Integrated infrastructure, Telecommunication, Hospitals, Scholarships in science and Technology, Mining and Engineering, Build International airport in Kasese as a golden chance to boost trade opportunities, Television Channels and above all to establish bilateral relationship with those countries in the best interest of job creation and the Nation’s economy.
“I personally believe that if we develop a sense of treating the indigenous people with dignity and respect, poverty must be history in the Rwenzori region, Uganda and Africa at large”.
In September, 2017,I sent a letter to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganda seeking urgent audience with him to discuss about a dialogue between him and the King,business,peace and unity in the Rwenzori Region. To set up a Factory of “GONJA”sweet plantain in Kasese to be exported into Australia.
In addition to make sure that together we make a follow up about the projects as mentioned before in the best interest of the community. I am now losing patience with the President’s delay to consider my humble request as a matter of urgency based on the sensitivity to the matter. I hope that he responds very quickly in the best interest of the people of Kasese and National Interest.
I have observed many times that, if people feel safe and are not judged, they open up and positive changes are possible. There is no doubt that Australian and the Nation at large have benefited a lot from my strong ideas. The information which is in the public domain and “Pandora Archive-National Library of Australia” that illustrates very clearly my ability to change things in the best interest of the community.