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July 13, 2018 Kim Comments Off

First and foremost, I would like to thank my beloved electors those who endorsed me with 141 signatures, though the electoral commission claims to have received 133 signatures, which is also above the commission’s requirement of 100 electors only. Some ignorant people told you not to sign for me, but you rejected their uncivilised attitude and decided to go-ahead, signed on my Nomination forms with a big smile and blessings by the time when the weather was very bad raining.
“I thank you abundantly for your support. If elected, rest assured that you will never be disappointed”.
I lodged everything including paying candidate nomination fee of
$ 1,000 for my nomination before 12:00noon the closing time. The Australian Electoral Commission officer in Perth accepted all the documents required by law, after ticking all the boxes a receipt of acknowledgement was issued.
I had complied with the Australian electoral act 1918, section-170, sec.171, sec.167 and sec.166 on substantial compliance before the closing of the nomination.
Unfortunately, almost two hours past the closing of nominations time, the same officer notified me that, I can’t be allowed to campaign. When I asked them the reason why?, they did not have a convincing answer.
During our meeting, I immediately rejected their verbal claims, I gave my official objection in writing and asked them to put on hold the entire process and “not” to declare nominated candidates until the matter is resolved by the Commissioner of the Australian Electoral Commission. In the same letter on the 5th July, 2018,I made it categorically very clear that, “I refuse to be segregated and discriminated” in this great Nation of ours; and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as a citizen of this country.
The division Returning officer and Manager Australian Electoral Commission of Perth Western Australia all stubbornly refused to comply. Their behaviour’s left me with no choice rather than to sue the Australian Electoral Commission in the Federal Court fighting for the public good. I asked the Honourable Court to order the Commission include my Names “KIM MUBARAK “on a ballot paper and in the list of Nominated Candidates Federal House of Representatives for by election for the seat of Perth. I also asked the Honourable court that my application should be treated as a matter of “Extreme Urgency” because the election is due on the 28 July, 2018.
I am happy to inform you that the matter is listed for hearing next week on Monday the 16th July, 2018, at 2:15pm Western Australia time. I will be representing my self-fighting in the best interest of the community. I will never give up fighting for your happiness until my last breathe.
I appeal to my supporters and those who believe in “real change” to attend this historical day. Let’s fight together as one family to protect the integrity of our beloved Nation. The will of the people particularly those who endorsed my nomination must never be abused again. Common sense must prevail.