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July 29, 2018 Kim Comments Off

First and foremost, I would like to thank our beloved Bosses the Public Tax payers for the decision you took exercising your fundamental basic human rights to boycott the election. It was a vote of no confidence to the Australian Electoral Commissions Officer and political party’s bureaucracy. Fundamental basic human rights values, people’s sovereignty must be respected.

The people must have the final say in government decisions. That means one person, one vote “doctrine” according to our constitution. The Australian Electoral Commissions Officials and Political leaders must learn to accept that they are servants and the people their superiors and sovereigns-tax payers are our bosses who contributes a lot towards salaries and allowances to members of parliament and public servants.
The supreme authority vests in the people of Australia as electors or Voters. They decide how they should be governed, their will and aspiration must be respected.

A good number of people did not turn up to vote, how come the Australian Electoral Commission came to a conclusion announcing the winner for the seat of Perth in that environment?.

I refuse to be part of that bad history, electors made their personal decision not to participate in that election, their consent must be respected. Where did the Australian Electoral Commissions officials get the required votes and reach the conclusion to announce a winner?. It was evident on public Television that the Majority of electors did not turn up to cast their votes. The Commission officials must come out to explain before the courts of law.
I hereby announce my position in my capacity as a concerned citizen and former Independent Candidate for the seat of Perth that, I will be taking the Matter to the courts of law for the second time in the best interest of the community.

The Australian Commission must be sued in honour to our beloved bosses the public “tax Payers” of Western Australia. I demand that Australian Electoral Commission must provide evidence in court to prove that they don’t treat “Independent Candidates” differently during nominations.
(b) Must table evidence before me and the Court that all political Parties had lodged 500 signature’s electors who are enrolled to vote for the seat of Perth.
(c) Must provide before me and to the Court under oath voting registers from all polling stations about those who voted in this election for the seat of Perth and to be examined.
(d) Voters register must be made public so that those who did not vote should have a chance to verify their details.
(e) The Australian Post Office must be forced to provide documentary evidence before me and the court in regards to this by elections for the seat of Perth and to be examined under oath.
(f) All ballot papers casted informal and formal must be under the custody of the court to be checked by myself and the court in the best interest of the public.
(g) The Australian Electoral Commission must be forced to explain before me and the courts of Law under oath the way how they determine candidates vote and the percentages of 15 candidates vote for the seat of Perth. They must explain how the preferences of Labor Party were distributed to all 15 Candidates. Also must explain under oath about the Greens Party votes as how many votes were distributed to all 15 candidates and what was the remaining balance of votes for the Greens Party?.
(e) The Division returning Officer of Perth and all poling officers must appear before the courts of Law to explain the way how they counted the votes casted by electors and what number of the votes is legally required before coming to the conclusion and announce the winner for the seat of Perth.
All poling officers must appear before the Judges for examination and to explain under oath more details. More information will be provided before the courts of Law.
I reaffirmed my position and pledge that, I will fight for the public good until my last breathe. Common sense and people’s power must prevail. Australia needs people those who cares about the issues of concern in the community. Please don’t leave me to this revolution alone, join me lets fight this together as one family in the best interest of this great nations of ours; We must stop this discriminatory practice in the best interest of our Island Continent’s reputation.

My humble request to all Lawyers of good heart those who have Australian community at heart, Please join my revolution because a review in our electoral matters and the constitution is a must. Remember that we are a generation of the 21st Century. This is not a matter for “KIM MUBARAK” it’s a matter of public interest.
A revolution for national soverenty and above all to allow one person, one vote principle. Australian Electoral Commission is in contempt of the Australian Constitution. Australian Electoral Commission is bias against Independent Candidates “Electors” of this Country. Such bad behaviours must stop with immediate effect.

Under Constitutional Law protection;-The high court has held that an implied freedom of political communication exists as an indispensable part of the system of representative and responsible government created by the constitution.

The rights we have as Australian Citizens;-Part of core values is the constitutional government, respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual, freedom of speech and religion, committed to the rule of law and allegiance to Australia and parliamentary democracy.

Based on those values that is the reason why I will never give up fighting in the best interest of the community and this great Island Continent of ours Australia. The same values is the reason why I am to sue the Australian Electoral Commission for the second time, so that some electoral laws and legislative act which conflicts with the Australian constitution must be declared null and void because they are unjust laws and unconstitutional. Australian Constitution doesn’t recognise the word “Head of state, Prime Minister nor political party”. A Judicial review and the constitution is a must to protect the integrity of the community and the reputation of this great sovereign Island Continent of ours Australia.